Massive Crossfit Competition Pays Prizes in Bitcoin

The Rogue Invitational is the largest professional Crossfit competition in the world behind the official Crossfit Games. The Invitational invites the world’s top 20 male and top 20 female Crossfit athletes from all over the world to compete for massive prizes.

And this year the prize purse includes $975,000 in cash, as well as an additional $275,000 in Bitcoin that fluctuates with the price of the coin.

Full explanation of prize payout by Rogue:

“The purse prize can only go up. Cash, Bitcoin and ticket sales will contribute to the fund. All competing athletes will receive a percentage payout from this pool based on their overall placement.

Rogue has made an initial 1.25M contribution to the fund to establish the baseline payouts for competitors. $975,000 of this investment is held in cash and the $275,000 balance is held in Bitcoin.

Bitcoin payout amounts will grow for each athlete accordingly based on coin price at that time of payout. Rogue’s minimum guaranteed price for each coin will be no less than $35,000 per.

We believe this is the beginning of a partnership with the athletes in which they can benefit from the growth of the Iron Game sports.”


Massive Crossfit Competition Pays Prizes in Bitcoin

Since the time when Rogue initially purchased the $275,000 in Bitcoin, it has hit all-time highs and has consolidated around $60,000, thus increasing the prize money to over $300k in total Bitcoin.

Rogue has been a consistent leader in innovation for the sports of Crossfit, Strongman, and Olympic Weightlifting for the past 15 years now, and this is just another great idea by the company.

Perhaps we can expect many more sports to include crypto in their prize pools in the near future.

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